The hackers who stole the documents for the Corona vaccine tampered with them

The hackers who stole the documents for the Corona vaccine tampered with them

Indicated European Medicines Agency The EMA indicated that the hackers who stole the Corona virus vaccine documents from its servers leaked them over the internet, and tampered with them.

And theShe said European Medicines Agency: An ongoing investigation showed that hackers obtained emails and documents from November related to evaluating experimental coronavirus vaccines.

And the agency, which regulates medicines across the 27-nation European Union, had a large batch of confidential coronavirus data as part of the vaccine approval process.

The Netherlands-based agency said: Perpetrators manipulated some correspondence before it was published in a way that could undermine confidence in vaccines.

She added: We have seen that some of the correspondence has not been published in its original and integrity, or with comments or additions from the perpetrators.

The agency did not explain exactly what information was changed, but cybersecurity experts say: Such practices are a model for disinformation campaigns launched by governments.

The Italian cybersecurity company Yarix said: It found a 33-megabyte leak in a well-known forum entitled “Amazing fraud … Sinister Pfizer … fake vaccines.”

The company said on its website: It appears to have been first published on December 30 and subsequently appeared across other sites, including on the dark web.

Yarix explained that the intention behind the leak is certain, and that it is causing significant damage to the reputation and credibility of the EMA and Pfizer.

Cybersecurity consultant Lukasz Olejnik indicated that he believed the intention was much broader, and said: I fear that this release has great potential to instill mistrust in the EMAVS process in Europe in general.

He added: While it is unclear who might be behind this process, it is clear that someone decided to allocate resources to it, andThis is an unprecedented process aimed at validating pharmaceuticals, with the potential for widespread negative effects on the health of Europeans if it undermines confidence in the vaccine.

The European Medicines Agency said: The law enforcement authorities are taking the necessary measures to respond to the breach, and a criminal investigation is still ongoing.

She added: Given the devastating losses of the epidemic, there was an urgent need to make vaccines available to citizens of the European Union as soon as possible.

The agency insisted that despite this urgency, its decisions to recommend vaccines were based on the strength of scientific evidence on the safety, quality and effectiveness of the vaccine.

The European Medicines Agency was subjected to severe criticism from Germany and other member states of the European Union in December for not agreeing to vaccines against the virus faster.

The agency issued its first recommendation for the vaccine, Pfizer and BioNTech, weeks after obtaining approval in Britain, the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

The European Medicines Agency recommended a second moderna vaccine for use earlier this month, and AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccines are currently under study from the agency.

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