The Google Camera app comes with a “save space” option to save some extra space

The Google Camera app comes with a “save space” option to save some extra space

Google Camera app comes with an option

Difficult is the process of balancing your smartphone’s storage space, and with Google announcing that its image service will be limited next year, things will get more difficult, but, meanwhile, Google has added a new option in the camera application, whose main task is to provide some additional space on pixel phones.

Where with the release of the Google Camera 8.1 application, “Google Camera 8.1, and by going to the application’s settings, you will find the new option“ Storage Saver ”. You have activated this option, it will reduce image and video quality to make your device storage space less.

Here, the “RAW” images will be reduced and made as a JPG image, the videos will be stored in the H.256 / HEVC format, and the motion pictures will also be disabled. To turn them on, you must deactivate the option, and the same applies to the “4K” videos. And Slow Motion, you will continue to operate without change.

In addition, there is an option to turn off storage saving when you have more than 1 GB of available space, and by clicking on the “Free space” item, you will be taken immediately to the default files app to get rid of unwanted files.

Finally, this add-on in the Google Camera app is only available for Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G phones, however, it has been tested with a Pixel 3 phone without problems, and that is to say, the company’s intention to launch it at a later time for all old Pixel models, of course, except for the first generation.


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