The Frame rotates between portrait and landscape modes

The Frame rotates between portrait and landscape modes

Manufactured a company Samsung itself is unique to The Frame, a TV that looks more like an art photo frame than a piece of consumer electronics.

You can even purchase high-quality artwork to display when you are not using the TV.

Samsung is making improvements to its TV line with a new design that reflects the changing interests and tastes of consumers.

The 2021 edition builds on the Frame’s innovative legacy, offering a more customizable experience with less volume.

And theWorking Samsung this year to make The Frame live up to its name in a way even more, as the new 43-inch model can rotate between portrait and landscape modes.

And if that sounds familiar, it’s because Samsung introduced the same feature with its Sero TV in 2019.

While it is unclear whether this group is a success for Samsung, it makes sense that the company should bring the spin advantage to its popular Frame line.

And the rotation feature is proportional to both horizontal and vertical The high-end artistic concept that Samsung is pursuing, and the feature is likely to be useful to customers who may want to display artwork in portrait mode.

As for other upgrades, Samsung says: The new Frame TV model is thinner than ever, with a thickness of 24.9 mm.

The company has also improved AI tech recommendations through the company’s art store, as well as more bezel options to give you more ways to make your TV look stylish.

By subscribing to the all-new Art Store, consumers can enjoy more than 1,400 hand-picked items.

Samsung’s new AI-based automatic regulation technology better analyzes individual consumers’ preferences to recommend technical work.

Since its launch in 2017, Frame has redefined television, turning displays into stunning works of art, with over a million units sold.

It appears that Samsung is not ready to talk about pricing or availability yet for the new Frame collections, but we will likely hear more about it this spring.

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