The Finnish Parliament is under a cyber attack

The Finnish Parliament is under a cyber attack

He said Finnish Parliament: Hackers gained access to its internal IT system and accessed the email accounts of some members of Parliament.

Government officials said the attack took place in the fall of 2020 and was discovered by IT workers in the Finnish Parliament this month.

The Finnish Central Criminal Police (KRP) is investigating the matter.

And in statement Official, Finnish Central Criminal Police Commissioner (Tero Muurman) said: The attack did not cause any harm to Parliament’s internal information technology system, but it was not an accidental intervention either.

Murman pointed out that the security breach in the Finnish parliament is currently under investigation as a suspected espionage incident.

One of the alternatives at this point is: That unknown factors were able to obtain information through piracy, either for the benefit of a foreign country or to harm In Finland.

He added: The theft has affected more than one person, but unfortunately we cannot determine the exact number without endangering the ongoing preliminary investigation, andThis case is exceptional in Finland and dangerous because of the quality of the target and the victims.

The Finnish Central Criminal Police also said: The international cooperation occurred in the investigation, but did not provide additional details.

While government officials did not mention this, the accident is very similar Similar hack detected in a neighboring Scandinavian country.

Earlier this fall, the Norwegian parliament revealed a similar breach of the internal email system, with hackers gaining access to the email accounts of some officials.

And in statement Journalist, Director of the Norwegian Parliament Marianne Andreassen said: Hackers penetrated the email accounts of elected representatives and employees alike, stealing from them various amounts of information.

And after an investigation that went on for months, Norwegian PST intelligence this month attributed the intrusion to APT28A group of hackers linked to the GRU military intelligence service.

He highlighted report Microsoft speaks to a recent trend in APT28’s tactics toward targeting email accounts.

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