The Federal Communications Commission is distancing itself from Trump

The Federal Communications Commission is distancing itself from Trump

Promise (Ajit Bae) Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, on October 15th That the committee will go ahead with setting the rules to clarify the meaning of Section 230 of the Communications Etiquette Act, the main statutory shield that protects online platforms from liability for certain types of user-posted content.

Apparently, Bae couldn’t make it happen, and after less than three months, he was no longer planning to do so either, explaining that he had little time.

And theHe said Bey: There isn’t enough time to complete the necessary administrative steps to solve the rule-making process, and given this fact, I don’t think it’s appropriate to move forward.

The reason is due to his short time, as he will step down on January 20, when (Joe Biden) becomes President of the United States.

The reason may also be related to the notion that the FCC does not have the capacity to do such a thing after the president has issued Trump In September an executive order commissioned it to interpret Article 230 and investigate websites to eliminate supposed anti-conservative bias.

Trump’s demands came after an explosive outburst of anger over verifying the truth of his social media posts.

The reinterpretation of Section 230 threatens the Internet in its current form, as the committee was working to withdraw legal protection under Section 230 from any platforms Trump believed discriminated against conservatives, leaving those platforms vulnerable to litigation.

The Federal Communications Commission does not have the power to regulate the Internet to this extent or rewrite federal legislation.

With Democrats now in control of the Senate, President-elect (Joe Biden) may reverse Bay’s decision to eliminate net neutrality, the principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of source, and without preference. Or block certain products or websites.

While Bay has largely refrained from commenting publicly on the president’s bizarre actions during his presidency, he rebuked Trump for publishing baseless conspiracy theories that should not be indulged in.

He said: I think it was a fatal mistake to suggest that the election results could be changed in any way, and this was a huge mistake, and I do not think that it should have been tolerated in any way.

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