The Facebook ban affects the pages of Australian government agencies

The Facebook ban affects the pages of Australian government agencies

Pages seem Facebook Of several Australian government agencies are stuck in blocking the social media network of news publications for users and media organizations in the country.

And theInformed Twitter users say that the pages of agencies, such as the Bureau of Meteorology, the Fire and Emergency Services Department of Western Australia, and Queensland Health, do not include available posts.

Dozens of Australian companies, charities and information providers responded with anger on Thursday after Facebook shut it down, and the social media giant pleaded with them to restore its pages as calls increased for users to remove the platform.

Australians were prevented from accessing news in feeds via Facebook after escalating a proposed media bargaining law that required the company to reach business deals with news outlets whose links lead to traffic to their platforms.

Foodbank Australia, one of the many charities caught in the crossfire, said Facebook’s response was unacceptable, as hours matter when you have nothing to eat.

Save the Children said: The charity has become dependent on the platform to communicate with supporters and members, and we also use Facebook as an important fundraising tool to reach supporters who want to support children.

Facebook restored the government services pages by the afternoon, but many small businesses and community groups are still banned.

Facebook’s penetration in Australia is strong, with more than 11 million users out of a population of 25 million and accounting for about 24 percent of the country’s ad spending.

Facebook said in a statement: The ban should not affect government pages, but acknowledged that there was some confusion about the extent to which the restriction could reach.

A Facebook representative said: Since the law does not provide clear guidance on defining news content, we have taken a broad definition in order to respect the law in its current form, however, we re-access any pages that were inadvertently affected.

Several organizations posted messages directing followers to their websites or other platforms, including Twitter.

It is noteworthy that Facebook is not the only company that has a strong reaction to the proposed laws. Google has threatened to remove its search engine from the country completely, but it has since started making deals with news publishers in the country.

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