The end of Uber’s quest for autonomous cars

The end of Uber’s quest for autonomous cars

Announced a company Uber from Sold The autonomous car sector, or UberATG, for its emerging competitor Aurora Innovation, which Kabir has founded Former engineers of the self-driving car project from Google.

That means the end of the road for the autonomous car division, which amounted to $ 7.25 billion in July, but has persistent problems.

As part of the deal, autonomous Aurora Innovation cars operate via Uber’s taxi-ordering platform.

Uber is investing $ 400 million in Aurora Innovation, and Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s CEO, joins the startup’s board of directors.

An Uber spokesperson said: Aurora Innovation has committed to making presentations to the majority of UberATG employees, and we are working on the details and inform our teams in the coming weeks.

This agreement marks the end of Uber’s ambitious dream of replacing its fleet of regular taxis for autonomous cars.

The company believed it could eliminate the main cost factor of drivers By pouring millions of dollars into developing its technology, And dominate the world of transportation with cheap autonomous cars.

Instead, Uber ran into various problems, as Waymo sued it for allegedly stealing Google’s trade secrets.

And it was Even more disturbing was the death of a woman in March 2018 due to an Uber autonomous vehicle, which was the first known death from an Uber vehicle. Independent.

After a lengthy investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board clarified that the blame lay with Uber, the safety driver, the victim, and the state of Arizona.

In an official report, he also held the federal government responsible for its failure to properly regulate the industry, and acquitted the local authorities The company is free from any criminal wrongdoing.

Police later brought criminal charges against the Uber safety driver, claiming that he was not seeing the road at the time of the accident.

After that incident, Uber continued to test autonomous cars, however It was only allowed to operate in a closed loop in downtown Pittsburgh, where the high tech group is headquartered.

Uber’s public leap into autonomous car technology began in earnest in early 2015 when the company announced a strategic partnership with the National Center for Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University.

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