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The dispute between Microsoft and Apple has resulted in casualties

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Struggled a company Microsoft in 2020 to bring the xCloud game streaming service to the iPhone and iPad, but the talks between it and a company Apple is an unlikely victim, and it’s the cloud gaming app Shadow that lets you stream computer games to your iPhone or iPad.

The emails between Microsoft and Apple, revealed at the Epic Games and Apple trial, show how the software giant tried to provide xCloud via iOS.

Microsoft was trying to find out how Shadow, Netflix, and other similar interactive applications were able to be present in the App Store while Apple was refusing to approve xCloud.

Microsoft put forth the name of the Shadow application as an example of this service, but it was surprised the next day that Apple had banned the application from its store.

Microsoft explained: We were showing two examples of the possibility of a game or application, and we did not understand why we were not able to that, and we believe that Apple has banned Shadow from the App Store based on the email we sent, and this was not our intention.

Although removing Shadow wasn’t permanent, Apple temporarily removed the app from the App Store twice in the past year.

And it was done Removal Shadow for the first time in February of last year, when Apple stated that it had failed to act according to a specific part of the App Store’s guidelines, andRemoved it Back in February, and the app came back a week later.

“Unlike game streaming services, Shadow provides a full Windows 10 computer, rather than a game library, and this approach allows the application to comply with application store guidelines,” said Shadow Community Manager.

Valve has fought for more than a year to launch Steam Link game streaming through iOS, and Apple rejected the app because it allowed an iOS user to access another app store, Steam, as part of Apple’s tightly controlled system.

Apple revised its rules after Steam Link was rejected, and the app was approved two years ago in May 2019.

Apple continued to make it difficult for services like xCloud and Stadia to function the way Microsoft and Google wanted across iOS devices after those conversations.

Apple insists that developers present the games individually as separate apps using its own streaming technology, after which they are grouped together as a list-style app.

Both Microsoft and Nvidia were forced to surrender to Apple’s restrictions and launch cloud gaming services through a web browser instead.

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