The demand for larger tablets is increasing

The demand for larger tablets is increasing

Larger tablets have brought life back to Souq Tablet computers During the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing worldwide lockdowns, according to To report New research from Strategy Analytics.

Interest in tablets waned in the early 2010s, as smartphones became larger and more powerful while retaining proportions that fit in a pocket.

And if you don’t need a device in your pocket because you’re at home, spending hours working or learning remotely, the bigger screen the tablet offers becomes a valuable feature again.

As a result, Strategy Analytics says: The tablet market is growing at the fastest rate we’ve seen since 2014.

Demand for larger tablets is increasing with global sales increasing for the first time since 2014, and the report shows consumers are shifting to larger screens.

Global sales are expected to increase 1 percent year on year to reach 160.8 million units in 2020, as consumers purchase tablets at the fastest rate in six years.

The expected increase comes after the wave of declining sales in the past five years. Not surprisingly, the increase in sales was related to larger tablets.

Companies tend to market these models, such as the iPad Pro and Surface Pro, as an alternative to the laptop, and sometimes include a keyboard attachment or digital pen to improve productivity.

Strategy Analytics predicts that tablets with screens measuring 10 inches or larger will continue to increase market share, which represents nearly two-thirds of tablet sales by 2025.

Given that Strategy Analytics suggests that sales will remain stable over the next few years, this increase in interest is expected to be short-lived, especially when it comes to the list form factor.

Strategy Analytics expects that tablets with detachable keyboards, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7, and all current Apple iPad models except for iPad mini, will continue to boost their market share over the years. The next few.

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