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The best way to run WhatsApp Web or download WhatsApp to a computer

Running WhatsApp Web on a computer is one of the important ways to increase productivity, and this is because you can communicate and interact with the platform completely through the computer without any restrictions.

Running WhatsApp on a computer helps those who use the platform at work, by increasing their productivity and handling all incoming messages without having to pick up the phone and write through it.

You can share files and pictures between the phone and the computer by running WhatsApp on the computer, and this is because you can upload pictures via WhatsApp directly, whether you sent the pictures or you received them.

There is more than one way to help you use WhatsApp on a computer, namely:

Operating WhatsApp via the website:

The WhatsApp site is available in many languages, and it is available for use on any computer, regardless of the operating system in which it is running or its specifications.

You need authentication to log into your WhatsApp account before you can use it WhatsApp Web.

You can operate WhatsApp Web through the official website of the platform, by verifying using the QR Code that appears in front of you.

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Install WhatsApp on the computer:

You can install the official application of the WhatsApp platform on all computer operating systems, where the platform is provided Application For Windows and Mac OS.

The official application works in a similar way to the WhatsApp website, and this means that you will need to authenticate the use of the application through the QR Code that appears when you open the application for the first time.

You can use calls through the official WhatsApp application through the computer, which is one of the features of the application, and the application does not consume much of the device’s resources and sends you alerts about new messages that reach you.

Running WhatsApp Web on the computer via an Android emulator:

This is an indirect way to be able to use WhatsApp on the computer, and this is because you will need to install an Android emulator and then install the WhatsApp application via this emulator.

The emulator allows you to use many Android applications, not just WhatsApp, and you can also run more than one WhatsApp account through the emulator by installing the Whatsapp Business application.

And when you run WhatsApp on the computer via an Android emulator, the platform considers that you used it on a new Android phone, so you will not be able to use WhatsApp on your primary phone.

You should not try to use the basic WhatsApp account through this method, because you will not be able to use it on your phone, and then you need to re-log in when you return to the phone.

This method is suitable for those who need to operate more than two WhatsApp accounts together at the same time, as you can use a main account with WhatsApp Web and a WhatsApp Business account through the WhatsApp application and a third WhatsApp account via the emulator.

There are many Android emulator applications that you can install according to your computer’s specifications, but it is considered an application Bluestacks It is the most famous.

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