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The Apple TV app is available via Google Chromecast

The Apple TV app is now available on Google Chromecast for 2020.

It was announced in December that the broadcasting application from a company Apple, which provides access to the original Apple TV Plus shows, is coming to the Google Chromecast with Google TV.

And owners of the $ 50 device can download and start using the Apple TV app.

Apple TV original shows like: Ted Lasso, The Morning Show and For All Mankind are featured in Chromecast with Google TV recommendations and search results.

It should be noted that you can also add original Apple shows and movies to your Chromecast with Google TV global watch list.

And some large streaming services, such as Netflix, decided not to participate in the watch list in the months following the release of Chromecast with Google TV, as they seem to prefer keeping this kind of functionality within the app itself.

And as reported in November, the Chromecast with Google TV mobile app no ​​longer even includes Netflix’s recommendations.

The Apple TV app also gets integration with the Google Assistant via Chromecast with Google TV, and you can start watching any of Apple’s shows with a voice command.

In addition to being a home for Apple’s original shows, the app provides easy streaming of movies, TV shows, rentals, and purchases from Apple.

As on other platforms, any additional subscriptions to channels are via Apple TV is available In the app via Chromecast with Google TV.

Jonathan Zeb says Jonathan ZeppGoogle Media and Entertainment Manager: In addition to Chromecast with Google TV, the Apple TV app is also available via Sony’s Google TV devices and TCL.

The move comes at a time when Apple has become more accepting of granting access to its services to devices outside of its ecosystem, with Chromecast users gaining access to its popular original offerings.

Apple made its TV app available in 2019 on Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku Inc.

The Corona epidemic has caused traditional pay TV consumers to increasingly switch to entertainment on-demand streaming services while at home, which has boosted subscribers to platforms such as Netflix, Disney + and HBO Max.

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