Tesla sets a record for car sales in the third quarter of 2020

Tesla sets a record for car sales in the third quarter of 2020

She said a company Tesla today Friday: she delivered 139,999 cars In the third quarter of 2020, 145,036 cars were produced during the same period.

As of last Wednesday, analysts expected Tesla to announce delivery of 137,000 cars over the past three months, according to the consensus of analysts polled by FactSet. Estimates ranged from a minimum of 123,000 cars to a maximum of 147,000 cars.

The deliveries are the most accurate approximation of the sales numbers reported by Tesla. But the company’s shares fell by more than 5 percent in pre-market trading on Friday, and the reason is believed to be due to the widespread sale of shares in the market after the US President (Donald Trump) announced that he had been infected with the (Covid-19) COVID-19 virus.

Confusing some analysts, the company does not separate delivery and production numbers by region. It also combines delivery numbers for its old Model X and Model S electric cars and recent cars: Model Y and Model 3.

In the second quarter of 2020, Tesla said it delivered 90,650 electric cars but produced fewer cars sold, which is 87,048; Most of them are Model 3.

Tesla had begun 2020, saying it expected to deliver at least 500,000 electric cars this year. However, the company has stopped making cash deposits saying that it will “easily exceed” 500,000 deliveries for the current year.

On September 22, the company’s CEO (Elon Musk) said at the company’s annual shareholders meeting: that car deliveries are likely to increase by between 30 and 40 percent compared to 2019. This means that 477,750 to 514,500 cars will be delivered in 2019. 2020, a range that includes Tesla’s previously announced goal to deliver half a million cars this year.

During the third quarter, the electric car maker exceeded the health shutdown orders related to the (Covid-19) virus that caused the US assembly plant to stop to a minimum of basic operations in the spring, but it was still facing a decline in car sales which affected Worldwide sales of new cars.

In August, Tesla saw a sales rebound, partly from this recession, driven by sales in China. The company sold nearly 12,000 cars in China that month, after previous price cuts and increased production there.

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