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Tesla expands the beta version of the FSD program

He said Chief Executive Officer For a company Electric vehicle maker Tesla, (Elon Musk) Elon Musk: Tesla is expanding its FSD beta, doubling its size with the new 8.2 update.

The next step, the 8.3 update, is expected to bring another increase in volume, which could increase the number of participants tenfold.

Musk wrote Tweet Through his official account on the Twitter platform, it says: Tesla is adding a button to download the trial version of the FSD program to car screens in the coming days due to high levels of demand.

Musk said: Be careful using FSD because it is not a self-driving system, it is just a beta version, and it requires 100 percent attention, but the system gets bigger, and the number of human interventions required should decrease.

Tesla presented the first beta of the FSD on October 22, 2020 for vehicle owners in the Early Access Program.

At the time, Musk said: The company was handling the software update very cautiously, Drivers are still expected to keep their hands on the steering wheel and must be prepared to take control of the cars at any time.

Tesla is using data from the beta version of the FSD to improve performance, and Musk said last month that there are about 1,000 vehicles in the trial version, a small number compared to the 1.4 million Tesla electric cars worldwide.

Musk noted that in Tesla’s case, the term beta is used to reduce satisfaction with use and set expectations appropriately, and all programs are tested first by Tesla simulators and QA teams.

He added that the availability of the beta version of FSD varies by region, due to what he called delays in regulatory approval, development and internal Tesla testing.

And thechirp Tesla Director of Artificial Intelligence said: Tesla owners interested in participating in the beta should send an email to [email protected], Which the company uses to format the program.

Musk has stated several times over the past few months that he feels confident that Tesla may launch a complete Level 5 autonomous driving system by the end of 2021.

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