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Tesla charges some customers double

Facing Group of clients a company Tesla had a problem with the company charging them twice, taking tens of thousands of dollars from their bank accounts without permission or warning, and they had trouble calling the company and passed Experience Frustrating when they asked for a refund.

It is noteworthy that the cost of any new Tesla car is not small, and the amounts taken from the accounts of affected customers ranged from $ 37,000 to about $ 71,000.

One of the first buyers to post on the company’s forum was Christopher Lee, who detailed what happened at Video clip Via YouTube.

After placing an order, he was shocked to find that Tesla had taken two transfers worth $ 56,579 from his account for the Model Y, instead of just one, without any permission or warning.

He tells me that he saved the price of his dream car Model Y and paid for it using the automated clearinghouse, and Tesla kept asking him to contact his bank, even though he paid through the ACH where the money was withdrawn on the spot.

Lee had trouble finding someone from Tesla to deal with the problem, and had to go to his local service center, who provided him with an email address for someone in the finance department at the company’s offices in Fremont, and he was still waiting for a refund of the double fee.

The same happened to buyer Tom Slattery, who paid an additional $ 53,000 and reported his experience on Twitter. Call the company immediately and head to Burbank, California.

Slatri said: They asked me to contact the bank I deal with and to make the bank I deal with reverse the transaction and refund the fees. And when you charge more than $ 50,000 and ask a customer to solve the problem on their own, that’s not okay.

Another customer, Clark Peterson, reported the same issue with the $ 71,000 Model Y.

The stated customers did not receive their refunds and all refused to receive it until the issue was resolved.

“It wasn’t a mistake by the operator and I didn’t hit the buy button twice,” Peterson said, “and for a company with a lot of tech skills, having that happened to a lot of people really raises questions.”

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