Tencent renames the WeChat app to work before Trump was banned

Tencent renames the WeChat app to work before Trump was banned

Chinese tech giant Tencent has renamed its WeChat Work desktop app to WeCom, making it a possible alternative For messaging app (WeChat) WeChat ahead of the US ban due next Sunday.

Tencent registered the Weecom trademark on August 19, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Was quoted by Reuters According to two sources from Tencent, (Weecom) does not fall within the scope of the ban imposed on transactions related to the messaging application in the United States as of September 20, as part of a series of American measures that take strict measures against Chinese technology companies and applications that Washington says: They pose threats to national security.

It is reported that (WeChat) is a comprehensive mobile application that combines the capabilities of instant messaging, social networking, payment, in addition to other services. The so-called super app is essential for daily life in China, with more than 1 billion users.

In the United States, WeChat is widely used by overseas Chinese and others to communicate with friends and colleagues in China. The app has an average of 19 million active daily users in the United States, according to the analytics company Apptopia.

A Reuters test showed that after downloading the Weecom app, users can now link their WeChat account and add app contacts. (Weecom) users can then send messages, create chat groups, and even receive virtual money from friends (WeChat) without the need for app contacts to download WeChat.

It is reported that there was no indication that Tencent had actively promoted the application (Weecom) in the United States. And according to Sensor Tower, there has been no increase in downloads (Weecom) in recent weeks.

U.S. Commerce Secretary (Wilbur Ross) is due to issue regulations by Sunday to clarify which application transactions will be banned under President Donald Trump’s executive order.

The US Department of Justice said on Thursday: that Ross did not plan to target people or groups who download the WeChat application or only use it to transfer personal or commercial information.

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