template GM 2 free blogger 2021

template GM 2 You have a blogger blog and want to download a simple, fast and light template. You should try this wonderful article exclusively modified from the tech.com blog. GM 2nd Edition paid theme with beautiful look You can change GM theme template. It also has archival improvements in the search engine from Google, I leave you with a preview and a preview house.

template GM 2 free blogger 2021

Free paid template from Techsoune Blog.
The template contains many sections that can be easily controlled.
You can change anything in the template.
The placement of the ads already exists, it is enough for you to put the code in the place you want.
The template does not contain many add-ons, which makes it fast in browsing.
Everyone is also in the GM2 template. It supports the Blogger blog in Arabic and English as well, in addition to any other foreign language. You can see more on the official website:here

template GM 2

m Adding the participation of Alwats in the mobile.
The java + code has been reduced and runs in short rss mode to keep the content from being stolen.
Fixed the problem of duplicating and disappearing images.
Meta tag update.
Delete the default java code.
Increase the number of similar topics to 6.
Speed ​​up ads.

تحميل قالب GM2

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