Telegram supports “anonymous moderators” and “channel comment”

Telegram supports “anonymous moderators” and “channel comment”

Announced Instant Messaging Service Telegram yesterday, Wednesday, announced the launch of a new update for its application that introduces many new features, such as: search filters, in addition to the features (anonymous moderators), and (comments in channels).

Telegram said in Post: “Your personal Telegram cloud is full of satirical pictures. Let us help you browse it; We offer you search filters ”. She added: “Today’s update also includes my (anonymous moderators) feature to make your fight for freedom safer, and (comments on channels) to make sure all voices are heard.”

The search filters feature allows users to filter search results by type using the new tabs: media, links, files, and others. To search for a specific point in time, it is sufficient for the user to type “14 August” or “Yesterday”. Then typing the name of any person, group, channel, or bot will add a filter by source.

Telegram said: It is possible to combine search filters with each other, for example, you can search for something specific such as links, which were sent in the month of March 2016, containing the word “boat”.

Telegram noted that its application is increasingly being used to organize demonstrations calling for democracy and freedom. Now comes the (anonymous moderators) feature to ensure the safety of the demonstrations.

The service also added a comment button on the posts of the channels that have a discussion group. The comments will appear on small topics alone, but will be posted to the discussion group to ensure that everyone is kept informed of what is going on, and to facilitate ensuring a civilized conversation for moderators.

If the user is not a member of the channel discussion group, they will receive notifications about responses to their comments with a new conversation called Responses.

And for users of Telegram in the Android system in particular, the service added some new visual effects. Telegram said: “To try it out, try opening or closing the keyboard or switching between day and night modes from the side menu. And you can also see messages pop up when deleting messages, change notifications, save media, etc. ”.

The service added: “If you prefer practicality, press and hold on a group chat member’s photo to take a closer look. And if you use multiple accounts in one app, you can preview the other account’s chat list in the same way in the Accounts section.

The latest version of the Telegram application for Android phones can be downloaded from Play Store, And for iPhones and iPads from the store App StoreIt can also be downloaded to PCs from website Your own.

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