Telegram mocks user privacy in WhatsApp

Telegram mocks user privacy in WhatsApp

Telegram used a popular video called Coffin Dance to honor the death of user privacy in What’s Up.

Was published Tweet Via the official Telegram account on the Twitter platform on January 10, and gained more than 226,000 likes.

The famous coffin holds a new WhatsApp notification for users to allow the app to access their Facebook Messenger data.

The notification gained a lot of attention from social media, and the update got a lot of feedback from users.

Social media users resort to laughing comics as a means of communicating over the Internet.

For a few days now, users have been using the laughing comics as a response to WhatsApp regarding the privacy policy update.

However, it was not expected that the Telegram platform itself would join the mocking campaign of WhatsApp’s user privacy update.

WhatsApp has gained momentum online in recent days after the new privacy policy was updated.

WhatsApp users are now required to allow the platform to access their Facebook Messenger information, and not agreeing to this before February 8th means ending their WhatsApp account.

It seems that many WhatsApp users are not sure of accepting this policy, while others have not read the terms and conditions and agreed to keep their accounts through the service.

Users who are skeptical about this new update have moved to other popular messaging apps, such as Telegram and Signal.

It is known that Facebook owns WhatsApp, and therefore, the social media company wants to integrate all user data from its applications, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, in the near future.

For many users, this represents the end of user privacy, which is what Telegram tried to express by using the famous video clip to honor the death of the user’s privacy in WhatsApp.

This popular video is used when social media users want to signal the end of something, as the coffin bearers dance with joy as they carry the coffin.

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