TCL Announces XL Collection TVs

TCL Announces XL Collection TVs

Manufactured a company TCL has some of the best under $ 1,000 TVs you can buy, and they early adopt the Mini LED technology, which TV makers started using in lineups in 2021.

Both TCL Series 8 and 6 feature Mini LED backlight technology.

For 2021, the company hopes to combine a strict pricing strategy with the technological development of Mini LED technology for the new 6 Series that brings 8K resolution.

And theAnnounced TCL in a press release that all Roku TV models from the Series 6 of 2021 Which will be launched will feature 8K resolution next year, indicating that last year’s models will also remain available.

TCL’s AiPQ Engine will be able to upscale 4K content to a higher level of clarity and sharpness in the new 6 Series.

The main problem facing 8K is the scarcity of original content at this resolution, and this situation will not change anytime soon, but it appears that TCL is intent on lowering the prices of the 8K TV.

TCL believes it is well ahead of competitors in LCD TV technology, due to the company’s vertical integration and manufacturing expertise.

This year the company introduces a new panel with the OD Zero branding because the gap between the screen and the backlight system is zero millimeters. The result is what TCL describes as an ultra-thin display with tens of thousands of Mini LEDs and thousands of contrast control zones.

In 2021, TCL will also launch the XL Collection, a collection of 85-inch screens with different price points and resolutions.

The company says: This year’s XL Collection consists of three different models, and each 85-inch TV features performance levels for each type of home theater, and there is an 85-inch Roku TV from Series 4 Provides the easiest way to enjoy 4K HDR streaming, Roku TV 4K HDR 85 ” QLED picture quality, 8K 8K Mini LED TV with QLED wide color technology, the XL Collection fits with any budget and exceeds the highest performance standards for home entertainment delivery .

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