Tablet PC sales are experiencing astonishing growth in the third quarter of 2020

Tablet PC sales are experiencing astonishing growth in the third quarter of 2020

Show the latest report From market research firm Canalys that the computer hardware market – It includes Tablet PCs – There was a second consecutive quarter of growth, with total shipments reaching 124.5 million units, an increase of 23 percent year-on-year.

Lenovo led the global market by shipping 23.5 million tablets, laptops and desktop computers, followed by Apple with 22.1 million Mac and iPad devices. Then came (HP), Dell, and Samsung in the third, fourth, and fifth places; Respectively.

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Chromebooks were the best performing personal computers in the third quarter, with shipments growing 122 percent to 9.4 million. Detachable devices – which can be used as tablets and laptops – grew by 88 percent, and are the second largest. In the field of desktop computers, All-in-One devices grew by 7 percent, however, the overall desktop market witnessed a decline of 32 percent.

According to the report (Canalys), the tablet PC market worldwide recorded excellent growth in the third quarter of 2020, with shipments reaching 44.3 million units, an increase of 43 percent year-on-year. Meanwhile, Chromebook shipments hit a record high, 122 percent more than last year. Both categories came to the fore with regard to affordable computers, as the epidemic continued to positively affect personal computer ownership and use for various purposes.

Across the board, the Big Five Tablet PC vendors recorded annual and quarterly growth, which – according to Canalys – is an impressive performance given the strength of shipments in the second quarter of the current business.

Apple maintained its lead by shipping about 15.2 million iPads, and grew 47 percent. Samsung ranked second with an amazing growth of 80 percent, with about 9 million units shipped for the first time from the fourth quarter of 2015. Huawei achieved significant growth in China and Europe by 38 percent, to secure the third place, shipping about 5.1 million units. Amazon and Lenovo accounted for the fourth and fifth places, with growth of 8 percent and 59 percent. Respectively.

“Tablets are back from the dead because they provide the perfect balance between portability and computing power with different prices available during such a critical time,” said an analyst at Canalys – (Victoria Lee). She added, “The tablet PC market has witnessed a free fall since 2015, and the last two quarters were the only two quarters of growth in the past five years.”

Lee said: “Tablet PCs are a natural choice for first-time PC users who want to use something less complex and affordable. The natural extension of Android and iOS systems to tablets has made it easier for parents, students and teachers who have immersed themselves in extended distance learning for the first time in their lives and prefer the ease of installing the applications provided by these two platforms.

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