Sunshine Contacts manages contacts with artificial intelligence

Sunshine Contacts manages contacts with artificial intelligence

(Marissa Mayer), the former CEO of Yahoo, has revealed a new app he is called Sunshine Contacts is an AI-based contact management for iOS devices.

Sunshine Contacts is the first product of a company Sunshine A startup formerly known as Lumi Labs, it promises to be the world’s most advanced and intuitive contact manager.

The application aims to unify and simplify contacts, and it integrates with the iOS Contacts application in addition to Gmail, and is able to Pull your data from those sources and combine it with publicly available information.

Meanwhile, the app promises to help organize and clean contacts, fill in missing pieces of information, and delete duplicate entries.

The app can sync this information back to the Contacts app and help keep it updated over time.

Sunshine Contacts also provides precise contact sharing settings, allowing users to share specific personal information to close friends, or a professional card with less information for business contacts.

And Sunshine Contacts is launching as a free service, with plans to introduce more later paid features.

Currently, the app operates by invitation only, allowing Sunshine to closely manage the number of users it must support.

One feature allows users to change their contact information within the app and push it as an update for others who have their information and are using the Sunshine Contacts app.

And while the contact-syncing service might seem a little small for Mayer’s first venture after Yahoo, Sunshine’s goals go beyond just one app.

“Over time, the company hopes to build a range of smart sharing products, and Sunshine Contacts is expected to be just the beginning,” said Mayer.

The company aims to build apps that focus on family sharing, scheduling, event organization, and small group communication.

Meyer believes that users no longer want huge apps that do everything, rather they want to have more apps that serve specific purposes.

“The huge app that does everything is becoming less attractive, and we want to have apps that deal with specific issues,” she said.

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