Steam makes it easy for gamers to test games

Steam makes it easy for gamers to test games

Add a company Video Games (Valve) A feature to the digital video game distribution service (Steam) to allow developers to invite people to test their games directly through the service software without requiring a trial key.

The new feature, called (Playtest), For interested testers to click a button in the game list in the Steam store to request access and add them to the queue.

Developers will be able to see how many people have access to the test, how many have expressed interest and are waiting for access, and how many people have been manually invited for the test.

Developers will also be able to add more testers from the Playtest status screen.

When the developers finish the test, the button requesting access to it will be removed from the game’s (Steam) store page, and the game will be pulled from user libraries.

Valve says the “Playtests” feature is not intended to replace Early Access, and that games could contain “Playtest” with Early Access.

And unlike Early Access, Playtests is free to use for developers and customers, and does not support sales Or commercial offers or monetization.

The game via (Playtest) does not include things, such as: reviews, progress towards achievements, or time played, under Steam’s refund policy.

Valve explains that Playtests are now in beta and that the tools are subject to change, And if you want to try “Playtests” for your game, Valve has a contact form that you can fill out Here.

Steam has operated as a computer-based digital game store for many years, but managing test groups, demos, and reviews has generally relied on demos and key distribution that leaves plenty of loopholes for fraudsters and other nasty actors.

Meanwhile, other platforms, such as mobile devices, have test or trial access groups built into the distribution system.

Valve is now facing PC competition from the Epic Game store, which may provide some additional encouragement to end the features game makers and gamers demand, as Valve last year revamped its game library.

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