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SQ4D takes 3D printing to the next level

Most homes are built with concrete, but an experimental home in Calverton, New York, was scanned, and its walls were made using a gigantic 3D printer. The test house was built from construction company SQ4D, to show the public and the industry what is possible.

And theIncluded The company is now for sale its first 3D-printed house in Riverhead, USA, so this residential property, which was printed on site using the ARCS Autonomous Robotic Building System, is the first 3D printed house to be awarded a certificate of occupancy and is listed on the real estate site. Zillow For sale as a new home at a price of $ 299,000

With a separate 750-square-foot garage, the home covers approximately 1,400 square feet (130 square meters). The roofs, foundation and slab along with the walls are completely manufactured using the 3D printer, and SQ4D offers a 50-year limited warranty on 3D-printed structures.

“We’re building constantly, and we’re asking the machine to walk around and follow your floor plan every time as we pass,” said Kirk Andersen, Operations Director at SQ4D.

Andersen and his colleagues had to design and build special printers to fulfill their home-sized dream, and Andersen said: We took the idea of ​​a 3D plastic office printer and wanted to make it bigger and jettison the concrete.

He added: We put the tracks on each side of the structure where we plan to print, we created our gigantic bridge, our oversized printer moves back and forth, blows these layers out one by one, piles up, and builds all of your walls.

Andersen said the actual printing time for the walls took about 48 hours, as part of an extensive eight-day process to build the entire home.

This is much faster and generally about 30 percent cheaper than a home built using standard construction methods, as workers need to manually pull out and stack the bricks, he said.

The company’s technology allows the labor intensity of the printer to be replaced with jetting out of concrete much faster than workers can place bricks.

Featuring an open floor plan, this 3-bedroom, 2-bath house has been built with concrete, providing strength and durability unmatched by a traditional wooden frame structure.

Not everyone in the construction industry is happy with this prospect, Andersen said, and the process has received mixed reactions, with some skepticism in particular from older dealers, and I think people are completely unprepared for how to change this construction, and that’s just the beginning.

It can perform technique 3D printing SQ4D found a lasting solution to this crisis by drastically reducing the cost of building new homes.

At $ 299,999, this home is priced 50 percent less than the cost of newly constructed homes in Riverhead, said Stephen King of Realty Connect, the Zillow Premier dealer who has the list, and is a major step toward addressing the affordable housing crisis. Plaguing the region.

The SQ4D listing of the first 3D printed house is forever changing the building industry, making its slogan “Change the way the world is built” a reality, and the company currently has building plans under review from New York to California.

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