Spotting the prototype of the Model S with an updated design

Spotting the prototype of the Model S with an updated design

The design of the Model S has not changed from a company Tesla has been around a lot since 2016, but the car appears to be up for an update.

According to reports, it happened monitor What appears to be a redesigned prototype of the Model S while touring Palo Alto near Tesla’s headquarters.

Over the past few months, many rumors have surfaced about a possible Model S and Model X design update, especially since Tesla announced that the Model S Plaid required many important changes.

December information indicated that Tesla had drastically increased its delivery schedule and the price of Model S and Model X in Europe in March.

Tesla recently extended the production holiday shutdown of the Model S and Model X until early January, leading some to believe the automaker is updating the production line to produce a new version of the electric sedan.

Tesla was working on a major interior design update for the Model S and Model X in 2018, and this update was scheduled to arrive in the summer of 2019.

This update has been postponed as Tesla focused all its resources on increasing production of the Model 3, and many now believe that it may be the time for Tesla to update the design of the two models at the same time.

According to the video, the car features several changes, including a wider body, a new rear spoiler, with chrome removed from most places, new headlights, and maybe even some slightly updated wheels, although they look very similar to Arachnid wheels. Tesla.

This prototype is clearly distinguished by an updated design and not due to an external modification, given that the car includes the manufacturer’s plates, but it is not clear whether this is a prototype of a new version of the Model S with an updated design or just a new prototype of the Model S Plaid Which isn’t expected until late this year.

Tesla has a history in the separation of design and technological change, with autonomous devices arriving nearly half a year after the April 2016 update.

The absence of camouflage and other attempts to hide the design indicates that you may not have to wait long if this denotes a new design, which can be a significant change even if there aren’t many functional changes.

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