Spotify wants to suggest songs based on your feelings

Spotify wants to suggest songs based on your feelings

Possess service Spotify Patented A technique that allows it to analyze your voice and suggest songs based on your emotional state, gender, age or accent.

The songs we decide to listen to often reflect our moods, and Spotify now believes it can make that decision by listening to our voices.

The broadcast giant was granted a patent that was filed in 2018 and granted on January 12th, and allows her to analyze your voice to determine your emotional state, age, gender, and even the environment you currently live in, and then suggest songs based on the results.

By listening to the background noise, it can determine if you are at home, outside for a walk or even at the office.

In addition to looking at your social environment, technology can listen to your voice and determine if you are happy, angry or sad, and then choose a song based on a combination of social environment and mood.

It is common for a streaming app to include features that provide personalized recommendations to the user, but the current approach to discerning user tastes is unsatisfactory because it requires multiple inquiries about age and gender to be answered.

The patent suggests that speech recognition can be used to collect the information itself rather than asking the user to answer it.

Spotify said: It should be understood that the metadata categories of feelings, gender, age and accent are just examples, and many other descriptions and classifications can be used.

The results are combined with other information, including the user’s previously played songs and their friends’ music taste, to improve recommendations.

This technology represents one of many technical innovations that Spotify has patented during the past year. Got permission for a tempo-based content selection engine, which matches the tempo of your music to your playback speed.

And she ran in the last year as well a study On how people’s personality traits affect their musical preferences, I concluded that introverts tend to delve deep into the artist’s roster, and hear more pieces of each artist they discover.

The streaming service, which has 320 million global users, has patented it allowing it to use such insights to promote content, including music, podcasts and ads, that have been modified to appeal to the listener’s personality.

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