Spotify subscribers exceed 150 million

Spotify subscribers exceed 150 million

The number of subscribers exceeded service Spotify now has 155 million premium subscribers and 345 million monthly active users, according to the most recent report Earnings released today.

These numbers represent increases of 24 percent and 27 percent year on year.

The biggest increase was in the number of ad-supported monthly active users, which rose by 30 percent to 199 million.

Spotify reported last quarter that it had 144 million subscribers and 320 million monthly active users.

However, despite the growth in the number of listeners, she points out newspaper The Wall Street Journal indicated that average revenue per user fell 8 percent to 4.26 euros (about $ 5.13) compared to last year.

This comes due to the reduced plans used to attract new subscribers, and the lower prices they impose in markets such as Russia and India.

Advertising revenue increased, at 13% of revenue, although it has historically brought in less than 10%.

Spotify still has a loss of 125 million euros, but that’s less than the 209 million euros it incurred in the previous year.

Spotify rarely makes a profit as the company continues to invest in growth, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The earnings announcement comes as Spotify continues to make major investments outside of music, the traditional strength of the service.

And more recently, I moved to audiobooks, where I experimented with making recordings of celebrities reading public domain books, such as Frankenstein.

Spotify is also investing heavily in podcasts, and this quarter the company continued to have big names for its podcast business.

The service now offers more than 2.2 million podcasts through its platform, with podcast consumption up nearly 100 percent over the same time last year.

Spotify says 25 percent of its users interacted with the podcast content during the quarter.

Spotify has argued that its investment in podcast increases usage, engagement, and customer retention, and provides an opportunity for it to reduce its reliance on licensing music from brands, and Spotify repeated that by issuing profits today.

Some analysts say that investing in podcasts has not yet paid off, and the service has not seen a material positive for app downloads or Premium subscriptions as a result of podcast investments.

And last year, reports indicated that Spotify was exploring the possibility of subscribing to the podcast service, opening another source of income.

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