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Spotify HiFi is coming to select markets this year

Enjoy service Spotify is hugely popular, but it has never been a platform for audiophiles, and that may change soon, as the company has confirmed that it plans to launch service Spotify HiFi in select markets later this year.

Spotify HiFi is a new lossless streaming category that allows listeners to make the most of their digital music library.

Spotify HiFi delivers music in CD quality and lossless audio format to your device and speakers that support Spotify Connect, meaning fans will be able to experience more depth and clarity while enjoying their favorite tracks.

Spotify HiFi is not a new concept. The company introduced the HD broadcast option as early as 2017, when it provided CD-quality audio to some users in the US for an additional $ 7.50 a month.

The flagship music subscription service has yet to disclose the cost of Spotify HiFi before its upcoming launch, but the focus on delivering lossless CD-quality music remains the same.

And in case you were wondering, Spotify’s current maximum audio transfer rate is 320kbps, which means it almost certainly sounds better than the mp3 files that I have transferred from PC to PC for years.

However, lossless audio bit rates can be significantly higher, and you can consider around 1,411 kbps, which gives the path more data to reproduce the nuances of the recording.

And many of Spotify’s competitors in live streaming, including Deezer, Amazon Music and Tidal, are taking high-resolution audio in earnest.

Although Spotify is not breaking new ground with its new focus on improved sound quality, it is still on the way to becoming the biggest player in the game due to its reach.

As part of HiFi’s push, the company confirmed that it plans to work with some of the world’s largest speaker manufacturers to make Spotify HiFi available to as many fans as possible.

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