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Spotify enters the field of live voice chat

Invested platform Spotify is heavily populating previously recorded podcast content, and the company is now looking to host live audio chats.

The platform announced that it has acquired Betty Labs, The company behind the Live Sports Audio app Locker Room.

As a result of the acquisition, Locker Room remains present on the App Store, albeit rebranding to a different name in the future across iOS and Android with a broader focus on music, cultural and sports content.

Spotify says: It sees live audio conversations ideal for content makers who want to communicate with audiences in real time, whether it’s for an album, hosting a question-and-answer session, or maybe a performance.

Spotify allows anyone to host live voice chats, which means that its app competes directly with all of the various live voice apps currently on the market, including Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse and Discord.

The platform will not require its content creators to conduct live audio chats via the Spotify app only.

And Gustav Soderstrom said: Gustav SöderströmChief Research and Development Officer of Spotify: We may integrate some or all of these features in the future.

Spotify is also testing various monetization features, and some chats may be free, while others are paid for.

Soderstrom added: People are recording Spaces and Clubhouse chats and uploading them as MP3 files to Anchor, Spotify’s podcast creation and hosting platform.

Audio content is becoming hugely popular in the tech space as the industry’s biggest names are looking to invest in pre-recorded podcast content in addition to live audio.

Amazon acquired its podcast network Wondery last year, while Clubhouse and Spaces launched last year as well, and Facebook is looking to build a live audio feature.

Although Spotify focuses mostly on podcasting, it shows that companies can reach both worlds, as live audio recording can develop their list for broadcasting and promoting at the same time the broadcastable music in the application.

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