Spatial audio turns AirPods Pro into a home theater

Spatial audio turns AirPods Pro into a home theater

I got headphones (AirPods Pro) from a company Apple last month on Features New represented in Spatial audio and automatic switching.

And Apple continued to improve headphones (AirPods Pro) Since its release last year through firmware updates that have modified noise cancellation and sound quality.

The company rarely provides details or comments on the changes that come in every version of the AirPods firmware.

There are no update notes explaining what’s new, nor is there a way to force the latest software to be installed (AirPods Pro) or (AirPods) Manually, where The update is running in the background at some point while you are using them.

And the Auto-Switch feature is likely to make a bigger difference to your daily use of AirPods Pro.

This feature is available on (AirPods), headphones and earphones from (Beats).

And the headphones – without you needing to do anything – automatically switch between iPhone, iPad and Mac when you start using one of these devices.

Apple is also trying to bring an immersive surround sound experience to earphones through its exclusive spatial sound feature (AirPods Pro).

Instead of hearing everything in stereo as usual, this feature allows you to feel like you’re in the middle of the action when you’re playing content in an app that supports spatial audio, such as (Apple TV), (Disney Plus) and (HBO Max).

Apple says it is using algorithms to convert surround sound into spatial sound, and is applying the feature Directional sound filters and adjust the frequencies directed to each ear to achieve the effect of immersion.

Obviously, the amount of difference the spatial feature makes varies with the content, however The headphones won’t compete with the movie watching experience through the high level (Atmos) home theater system.

As the name says, Spatial Sound makes everything look more spacious and open, and it makes Watching movies with (AirPods Pro) is much better and in 3D more.

The spatial audio feature keeps the audio firmly in place, and fools you into thinking the audio is coming from an iPhone or iPad, as if you were looking at a TV screen.

And when you turn your head left or right, the main audio channel stays in front of you, and Apple does this by comparing motion data from the sensors in your device with the direction finder and accelerometer inside the AirPods Pro.

Apple detects through this method if you move your head or if you lift the iPad, and continues to hear some oceanic mix in each ear when turning from side to side.

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