South Korea is a world leader in 5G

South Korea is a world leader in 5G

Class Search New conducted by market research company Omdia, South Korea once again as a leader in publishing Fifth generation networks (5g).

Fifth generation (5G) networks are the future of mobile devices, but we are still in the early stage of deployment, with few countries having customer ready networks.

Countries are preparing for a future in which self-driving cars and surgery on the other end of the world will become a reality.

The results assessed 5G deployment progress based on operator launches, network coverage, subscriber acceptance, as well as 5G spectrum availability and regulatory ecosystem for up to 22 countries.

South Korea has cemented its position as a leader in deploying 5G networks, followed by Switzerland and Kuwait.

The USA ranks fourth, China ranks sixth, and the United Kingdom ranks seventh.

The number of devices supporting fifth generation (5G) networks in South Korea reached 5.88 million devices at the end of March of this year. This figure represents nearly 10 percent of all devices in use in the country.

However, South Korea is facing challenges in expanding coverage after increased coverage of “Sunrise” and “Swisscom” in Switzerland and “Ooredoo” and “Vodafone” in Kuwait.

Thanks to the progress made by the Swiss company (Sunrise), the small European country has overtaken Kuwait with 80 percent of its fifth generation (5G) network connection. 426 cities and towns.

The number expanded to 535 by May, however, availability of devices was limited, limiting people to enjoy the benefits of 5G networks.

“The global market is steadily preparing to deploy 5G networks, and South Korea is a leader at the moment, although markets, like Switzerland, have made steady progress,” said Stephen Myers, Omdia’s lead analyst.

He added: Despite the Corona virus pandemic, we are seeing governments and regulators move forward with allocating 5G spectrum and operators continue to expand coverage of 5G networks.

We can expect to see much greater numbers of commercial launches of 5G networks in major global markets in the next 18 months as more spectrum is launched around the world.

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