Sony shows a video of the game Spider-Man Miles Morales

Sony shows a video of the game Spider-Man Miles Morales

A game will be launched in the holiday season at the end of this year for both PS4 and PS5 devices at a price of $ 50, and Sony has reviewed a teaser video of the game’s events.

Sony revealed during the Playstation 5 event a new teaser video for the upcoming Spider-Man Miles Morales game, as the video lasted for 7 minutes, during which he explained new features in the upcoming game.

The game scenes, which launch for both the PS4 and PS5 systems, show some of the game’s events with the character Miles and his friend during a festival on East Harlem Street, and then the events of the game reveal two conflicting teams that pay Miles to change his clothes and head to the fight to prevent the theft of NuForm packages belonging to NuForm. Roxxon.

The character of Spider-Man also has a set of skills, including the electric attack, and the camouflage feature to hit opponents more efficiently, and the game developers have confirmed clear improvements in graphics with better appearance of the game’s characters, and the surroundings, with shadows and lighting that will give the game more realistic events.

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