Sony may revive the Xperia Compact this year

Sony may revive the Xperia Compact this year

Reports indicate that a company Sony may revive the Xperia Compact line for small phone fans, according to bulletin The famous lane (Steve Hemmerstoffer).

Small phones are likely to make a comeback thanks to Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini, and as it turns out, one of the most popular phones is also being revived, as Sony resurrects the Xperia Compact for 2021.

According to the leaks, the Xperia Compact for 2021, which Sony has not revealed yet, is identical in terms of design to Sony’s latest set of Android smartphones, but with some minor modifications.

When compared to the Xperia 5 for example, the yet-to-be-announced device has thinner bezels and uses a waterdrop-shaped notch for the 8-megapixel front camera.

The design is very simple and focuses on the small size, and according to the information, the 2021 version of the Xperia Compact comes with a 5.5-inch screen, which is only 0.1 inches larger than the iPhone 12 Mini.

The overall dimensions of the phone measure 140 x 68.9 x 8.9 millimeters, which makes it slightly larger than the iPhone in all dimensions, but only a few millimeters in each dimension.

The phone provides a 3.5 mm headphone port, along with the capacitive fingerprint sensor built into the power button on the side, the regular Sony camera button, and the dual camera on the back with a 13-megapixel primary sensor.

Sony’s last Xperia Compact was the 2018 Xperia XZ2 Compact, which was roughly the same size.

It is not clear at the present time what specifications the revival of this line in 2021 will carry or the prices.

It is also not certain when Sony may release this easy-to-carry phone, although the date may indicate the possibility of announcing it in February and its arrival in the spring.

On top of rumors of lower production, a recent report by market research firm CIRP claimed that iPhone 12 mini sales accounted for only 6 percent of iPhone 12 sales between October and November.

That may have changed since then, but Sony will likely turn to the niche audience – people who crave a small but full-featured phone, and refuse to buy an iPhone.

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