Sony cuts PlayStation 5 forecast by 4 million

Sony cuts PlayStation 5 forecast by 4 million

Lowered a company Sony, of Japan, has estimated production of (PlayStation 5) for the current fiscal year of 4 million units, and now expects to manufacture about 11 million units by the end of March, according to To report New from Bloomberg.

Bloomberg previously reported that Sony plans to increase production to about 10 million units by the end of December, but now says the company has faced manufacturing problems.

The PlayStation 5’s SOC, the core processing component designed by AMD, is said to be a particular problem with returns as low as 50 percent in a single point.

This means that half of the parts produced were not suitable for shipment, and while this number is improving, returns have not yet reached a stable level, according to the new report.

The revised figure is still much higher than what was said by the Japanese company Sony originally planning to produce it with the PlayStation 5 platform.

In April of this year, it was reported that Sony was expecting between 5 and 6 million consoles to be produced by the end of March, which would be less than what it made when the PlayStation 4 platform was launched in 2013.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the Japanese company to sharply raise its forecasts as the gaming industry’s popularity booms.

The electronics giant in July boosted orders with suppliers in anticipation of increased demand for games in the holiday season and beyond, as people spend more time at home due to the Coronavirus.

Sony is holding an event for the PlayStation 5 online on Wednesday, where it will likely reveal the final price and release date for the platform, which comes in two different variants: one with a drive and the other without it.

The full platform price could be as low as $ 449, while the digital version of the smaller size could drop below $ 400.

It would be difficult to predict that Sony will have enough hardware to meet demand until such pricing information is confirmed.

It is noteworthy that the competitor Microsoft revealed last week the prices of its next-generation gaming platforms, so that it sells the Xbox Series S platform for $ 299, while the (Xbox Series X) platform sells for $ 499, which added pressure on Sony.

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