Snapchat launches its new game, Bitmoji Paint

Snapchat launches its new game, Bitmoji Paint

Company launched Snap Bitmoji Paint, a new game inside the Snapchat photo messaging app Snapchat Hundreds of players can come together simultaneously to contribute one huge collages.

Bitmoji Paint – designed by Snap Games Studio – introduces a new type of game for Snapchat users, who now spend more time playing games that are available within the app.

And last June, Snap announced that it has more than 100 million players playing its games since its launch in April 2019. And now they can enjoy a new multiplayer experience with Bitmoji Paint.

Players can create avatars, called Bitmojis, and use them in Bitmoji Paint. Players enter the game through Snapchat’s chat function, or search for it in the app. And they can see a planet with several islands floating in space. Each island represents a server that players can join with hundreds of other real players. And when players choose an island to join, they are placed on a floor that can be changed colors.

Players can draw, explore, and hang around by switching between three modes: motion, paint, and map. They can also meet other Snapchat users, but they can only be contacted through a list of emojis. Snapchat users cannot view Snap ID (s) of other players.

Snap is also introducing Snap tokens to customize the Bitmoji Paint experience for Android users. Snap Tokens are a digital commodity that can be purchased and stored in a virtual wallet linked to a Snapchat account.

The Token Shop – which can be accessed through the app’s user profile page, or the Bitmoji Paint game – is the primary site where Snapchat users can purchase a Snap Token. Snap Token can be used to purchase skate shoes, skateboards, paint or paint roller.

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