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Snapchat camera helps you in shopping

Revealed Snap is at its annual Partner Summit event for a raft of updates that are changing how content creators and brands use the service.

The updates include many new shopping features, such as augmented reality experience services, as well as a new gifting feature for content creators.

On the shopping side, Snap offered a number of tools to make it easier for users to shop in the app.

The scanning feature gets you in Application Snapchat, which allows the app’s camera to discover food labels and Amazon products, introduces new shopping possibilities.

A feature called Screen Store recommends clothing items when wiping an outfit.

The company is also working on expanding augmented reality features that allow users to experiment with clothing, accessories, and makeup.

Snapchat has tried these types of features, but the latest version allows users to control experiences with voice commands and gestures.

Snapchat adds new HTML5 mini apps that allow new shopping experiences, with the first app allowing users to browse and purchase Poshmark e-commerce platform products, while the Ticketmaster app allows friends to find upcoming offers and buy tickets together.

The updates come at a time when rival platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, are seeking to add new shopping features.

But while Instagram and TikTok have considered adding shopping features to live video, Snap is looking at the social side of buying.

The company said: We think e-commerce is an interesting category, both now and in the future, and we are looking for new mini experiences that allow mainly new types of tools within Snapchat, which did not exist before.

Snap also tends to feature creator-centric features to help high-profile users make money from its platform.

Most of the monetization efforts on Snapchat so far have centered around Spotlight, a feature similar to TikTok that pays users for the most popular clips.

The feature, introduced last year, attracted 125 million users and is now launching across the web.

And content creators gained a new way to tap into the existing audience of followers via Snapchat through the gifting feature, which allows users to buy stickers for Snap stars.

The content creators earn a portion of the purchase proceeds and users can initiate a conversation with the preferred content creator.

Snap also launched a new app for content creators called Story Studio, which is a standalone app that provides advanced editing tools, as well as analytics on what’s popular across the platform.

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