SmartThings is now compatible with Nest devices

SmartThings is now compatible with Nest devices

Two companies operate Google And theSamsung On bringing their two smart home platforms together for the first time Support Samsung’s SmartThings platform and Google Nest devices from January 2021.

The cooperation to build a bridge between smart home devices, such as cameras and thermostats, comes with the company developing these products.

Pre-qualified device owners had to obtain Works With SmartThings certification in order to use separate software to manage any Google Nest products they own.

After launching the integration next month, all Google Nest products will become controllable from the SmartThings platform and qualify as Works With SmartThings devices.

The partnership further strengthens Samsung’s smart home platform, which is one of the leading manufacturers of centers for managing smart home devices on the same network.

Samsung bought the SmartThings platform in 2014 for $ 200 million, given the company’s efficiency in helping smart home products communicate across various protocol standards.

And SmartThings has grown since then to support thousands of products as Samsung has helped integrate the platform with nearly every smart home brand on the market, with Google being a notable exception even today.

Samsung says its platform now has more than 120 certified brands and more than 63 million active users.

Samsung explains that its new partnership with Google means that Nest devices can be integrated into SmartThings Scenes to set up automatic controls for multiple devices at the same time.

The integration also means that Samsung TVs and family Hub fridges support streaming from Nest cameras and other devices.

The SmartThings platform application comes pre-installed with Samsung’s Galaxy devices, and is also available on the Google Store for Android phones, in addition to the App Store for Apple products.

Samsung said: After integrating SmartThings with Mercedes, the partnership with Google marks the next step in our commitment to technological innovation and working with third parties to establish a global standard for the smart home.

She added: The company focuses on simplifying the development of smart technology for manufacturers and increasing compatibility for consumers, so that our platform provides countless potentials to improve everyday life.

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