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Slack lends itself to one of its most annoying features

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It seems that platform Slack online collaboration has finally fixed one of its most annoying features over its web version and mobile app.

And theShe added Slack is a small new feature, so that when you set a status, such as: being in a meeting or out of the office, you can check a box in the same list to pause notifications as long as this status is on.

This change should prevent users from being pressured or disturbed by pop-ups and alerts when on a conference call, interviewing, or even when you are out of the office.

Previously, turning off notifications in Slack required scrolling through a separate menu, but this new feature helps users to quickly toggle alerts on and off.

The company said: This feature is currently rolling out to all users, so you should see it soon.

If you want to know if you have it, go to the “Set a status” menu, type something in the “What’s your status?” Field, and then look under the “Clear after” menu.

You should see a checkbox titled “Pause notifications”, and when you choose it and save your status, you will not receive notifications while the status is activated.

The company has introduced a number of upgrades and updates to Slack in recent months as it looks to keep up with competitors such as: Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

And earlier this year, the platform added a number of new features focused on voice, as it looks to provide users with an increasing number of ways to stay connected at work.

This includes the feature of leaving voice messages to contacts over the service in an effort to kill traditional voicemail.

Slack is also soon looking into the possibility of offering chat rooms that users can enter and exit quickly without having to set a formal meeting date or even make a call – similar to the popular Clubhouse app.

Slack also adds stories similar to those seen on Instagram and Facebook, although it is not yet known how this feature fits within the platform’s theme-based approach to the workplace.

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