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Slack adds the ability to message people outside of your company

Slack started rolling out a new feature that allows anyone to use the DM service.

Slack Connect DM was previously announced in October, and the feature allows Slack users to send private messages to employees outside the company.

The feature is designed for companies that work with partners or clients, but you can even use it to message friends at other companies.

This new DM feature builds on Slack’s work with Connect, which began rolling out last year.

Slack Connect is primarily designed to allow businesses to collaborate together through shared channels, and direct messaging across organizations is the next big part of Connect.

The DM works by sending a private link to start a conversation and may require approval by a Slack admin, depending on how your organization sets up Slack.

Subscribed Slack users can access Slack Connect DM, and the company says it plans to roll this out across all teams, including free users, soon.

Slack is also working on new way To link multiple organizations together to create a private business network.

The feature will be launched later this year and includes standardized guides, channel discovery, and shared applications.

And the company has taken steps to mitigate the risks of operating such a platform without well-thought-out moderate protection Slack became a platform for public messaging with the introduction of the new feature for direct messaging across enterprises on a larger scale.

In response to concerns the feature could be used to send offensive or harassed messages with relative ease, the company says: It is now working to disable the option to send a message alongside the invitation.

This way, if someone knows your email address, they will not be able to send unwanted messages to your inbox that is potentially offensive.

She said: After the Slack Connect DM was introduced, we received valuable feedback from our users on how to use email invitations to use the feature to send offensive or harassing messages.

She added: We are taking immediate steps to prevent this type of abuse, removing the ability to customize a message when a user invites someone to the Slack Connect DM.

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