Skype supports bubble popup notifications on Android

Skype supports bubble popup notifications on Android

Skype app supports bubble notifications feature on Android

On the latest version of Android 11, Google has pushed the pop-up notifications feature with a bubble, which in turn has allowed messaging apps to open free floating windows that can be moved and work with on any open interface, and now, the latest application that gets this support is an app Skype “Skype” from Microsoft.

For his part, this add-on is currently available from Skype 8.67 version, and for the feature to work, you will first need to enable it on your phone by heading to Settings and then Applications and Notifications followed by notifications and finally bubbles. Once pressed, all Skype chats will appear as floating icons.

Apart from this addition, the update also provided support for Android 11 features, which are priority conversations and the chat space feature, finally, the Skype 8.67 update is currently available on the Google Play page, and you can download it from the bottom.

Download Skype update 8.67 .



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