Signal gets support for custom backgrounds, animated stickers, and more

Signal gets support for custom backgrounds, animated stickers, and more

These days, everyone is enjoying the Telegram And the signal Their time in being in the spotlight, and the reason is due to the new policy announced by WhatsApp, which eventually led to the migration of users from What’s Up And the growth of both applications, on a topic in itself, and despite making every effort to achieve maximum safety in Signal, but it is still limited in features, forcing those in charge of it to fill some desires by announcing some new features.

Now, with the latest beta version of the application carrying the number Signal beta v5.3.1, there are some new additions, most notably its support for custom wallpapers, meaning customizing the background color of conversations according to the application theme, provided that you find this tool within the “Appearance” tab in the application settings, Not only that, but you can also choose an image from your gallery that will be the background for any conversation.

In addition, the “animated stickers” feature has been invoked, and currently the application supports about 24 stickers, all moving without stopping, and a “status” section has been added in user profiles, a feature that has been available for years on WhatsApp and Telegram, where it is possible to choose an emoji. And write a short summary that your contacts will see.

Finally, as we indicated, these new additions are currently available in the beta version of the Signal application on the Google Play Store, and you can download it by going from HereOr, sideload it via its APK file from HereOr, simply wait for the official version, which is coming soon for all users around the world.

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