Shopify announces a data breach affecting 200 merchants

Shopify announces a data breach affecting 200 merchants

Shopify provided an alert to the FBI and Canadian police about a data breach that affected at least 200 merchants after two employees attempted to steal transaction records.

The e-commerce giant says the data breach was the result of two members of the support team who were involved in a scheme to obtain customer transaction records for some merchants.

Shopify works in the field of Electronic trade, And has its own e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point of sale systems.

Shopify said on notice Via company forum: Access to Shopify network by support staff members was terminated after an investigation and the incident was referred to law enforcement agencies.

“We are currently working with the FBI and other international agencies in their investigations into these criminal acts, and there is no evidence of data use, but we are in the early stages of the investigation, and we will alert affected dealers as appropriate,” she added.

Shopify indicated that what happened was not the result of technical problems or weaknesses, and that the vast majority of merchants who use (Shopify) were not affected, and (Shopify) as of October 2019 had one million merchants using its platform.

The company notes that customer data associated with these merchants may have been disclosed, including contact information, such as e-mail, names, addresses, order details, and the products and services purchased.

(Shopify) said: Complete payment card numbers or other sensitive personal or financial information were not part of this incident.

A company spokesperson clarified that all affected merchants were alerted, without explaining when the company became aware of the violation.

The company hosts on its platform more than one million business activities in more than 175 countries, and its value has doubled this year, making it the second most valuable company in Canada.

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