Samsung’s future watch uses Android, not Tizen

Samsung’s future watch uses Android, not Tizen

Used a company Samsung has launched its platform called Tizen in order to operate smart home devices and smart watches since the Gear 2 lineup of 2014, and this has enabled the company to fully control the experience through devices such as: Galaxy Watch Active and the latest Galaxy Watch.

But the South Korean company may return to Wear OS in the near future. And claims Site SamMobile and the well-known leak Ice Universe Samsung is making a smartwatch that probably uses Wear OS instead of its usual system.

This will be the first time that Samsung uses the Android platform as part of the wearable devices since early products, such as: Galaxy Gear and Gear Live.

It is not entirely certain what this watch looks like or if it represents a wholesale shift to Android.

And GalaxyClub recently discovered two model numbers that hint that the next Samsung watches come in two sizes regardless of the platform you use.

There are no guarantees that Samsung will actually move to Android instead of Tizen, however, the move could make sense.

And while Tizen-based smartwatches, such as the Galaxy Watch 3, contain major apps, such as Spotify, and are generally well appreciated, there is no doubt that they lack sufficient apps.

Support for third-party apps for Tizen is not the same as Wear OS, and the new Galaxy Watch with Wear OS will definitely be more useful due to the developer support.

And Samsung may decide that the broader compatibility deserves any trade-offs, and it certainly helps Google, which has had less success in wearables than Apple and Samsung.

However, the switch can be controversial, as Samsung has a fan following of its smartwatches, in part due to its unique control system and extended battery life.

And this audiences might decline if the smartwatch was running Wear OS or another Android system, as Wear OS devices didn’t offer much excitement.

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