Samsung will not offer a charger with the Galaxy S21

Samsung will not offer a charger with the Galaxy S21

it is obvious that a company Samsung will not offer a charger with the Galaxy S21 lineup in some regions when it launches early next year.

The guide was first spotted by a site TecnoblogANATEL, which indicates a deposit disclosing the change with the Brazilian Communications Commission – equivalent to the US Federal Communications Commission.

According to the documents, the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, or Galaxy S21 Ultra will not be sold in 2021 with the charger, and this means that customers must buy the charger from Samsung or get the charger from a third party.

Since July, rumors have circulated about a change Samsung might take, with a report claiming that it plans to sell its smartphones soon without a charger in the box.

If true, it could be interpreted as hypocrisy on the part of Samsung, which previously mocked Apple for taking a similar step with the iPhone 12 series.

It appears that Samsung has deleted its Facebook posts mocking Apple shortly after the iPhone 12 series was launched, adding more confirmations.

It is reported that this is not the first time that Samsung has been exposed to the same situation, as it mocked Apple in the past for abandoning the headphone port, and it did the same with the Galaxy Note 10.

It is worth noting that the new deposit has been spotted in Brazil, so it may not be true in every region around the world.

The company may provide a free charger to customers located in an area where Samsung does not sell the Galaxy S21 lineup with the charger The company provided AKG headphones for free to those who ordered it when it launched the Galaxy Note 20 without AKG headphones in the US.

Samsung is reportedly preparing to hold an Unpacked event in early January, which means it’s just around the corner.

And there have been a lot of rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S21 series, with Leaked live photos first For Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Ironically, Apple might have to include the charger with the iPhone 12 series in Brazil, as it is A claim to sell new iPhones with charger, according to the São Paulo State Consumer Protection Agency.

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