Samsung TVs get Mini LED technology

Samsung TVs get Mini LED technology

Announced a company Samsung on its flagship new TVs of 2021 with 8K and 4K HDR resolution, which is moving to a more accurate backlight system that uses Mini LED technology to improve contrast and quality compared to previous full-array local dimming systems.

The latest developments in Mini LED are described as Neo QLED and are available in several different levels in the 2021 lineup. There are two 8K models: QN900A and QN800A, as well as three 4K models: QN95A, QN90A and QN85A.

Samsung says the LEDs on these televisions are up to 40 times smaller than those in the previous full-array local dimming systems, as you get a few dozen areas that light and dim depending on what’s happening on the screen.

Filling more LEDs into a smaller space results in a more accurate backlight that drastically reduces openness, which is the halo effect that you can sometimes see around bright objects against a dark background in LCD TVs when the light travels to a different dimming area.

Samsung’s 2021 QLED TVs also aim to make life easier for gamers who have recently purchased the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or PlayStation 5 consoles.

And there’s a new game bar with quick access to settings like: refresh rate, aspect ratio, etc.

All HDMI 2.1 functions are supported, along with 4K 120Hz resolution, variable refresh rate, automatic low latency mode and eARC.

Samsung brings ultra-wide 21: 9 and 32: 9 aspect ratios from gaming monitors to TV screen so you can get a more comprehensive view of whatever is happening.

As for sound quality, Samsung is adopting more speaker drivers in its 2021 TVs for what it calls Object Tracking Audio.

Televisions analyze scenes and try to make them appear as if sound comes directly from the source across the screen and moves with it.

A new SpaceFit Sound feature uses a built-in microphone in televisions to analyze room acoustics and automatically apply the best sound settings.

There is no pricing or availability information for any of the Neo QLED TVs yet, but more information is expected in the spring.

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