Samsung TV acts as a microphone for Google Assistant

Samsung TV acts as a microphone for Google Assistant

Announced Two companies The Google And theSamsung That Google Smart Assistant (Google Assistant) is now available on the latest Samsung smart TVs in the US.

The AI ​​assistant will be available on Samsung smart TV models for 2020, including: (8K QLED), (4K QLED), (Crystal UHD), (Frame), (Serif), (Sero) and (Terrace) models.

The update will be available in the US first, and will be rolled out in more countries soon.

And as more people discover the benefit of a smart home, Google continues to work with partners to provide the best experience from the assistant to your favorite devices.

Pressing the microphone of the TV remote will activate the assistant, and you can use your voice to ask Google to change channels, adjust the volume, control playback, open apps, and all kinds of other things.

And TVs have settings for available voice commands that can be controlled using the microphone on the remote control, but you have to tell them that you want to use the Google Assistant instead of Samsung’s default Bixby assistant.

You can also control other smart home devices that you have connected with the Google Assistant, and ask the assistant to operate various smart home devices or get information about the weather forecast, to get the answers via your screen.

After installing the antenna update, users can enable the assistant on Samsung TV by going to (Settings), then (General), then (Sound), and then (Voice Assistant).

There were hints that Samsung was thinking of more uses of the Google Assistant, with reports during the summer that Google and Samsung were negotiating the feature of the assistant more prominently on Samsung devices.

It is unclear what this means for Bixby, a assistant introduced by Samsung in 2017, and the South Korean company is said to have begun phasing out some of Bixby’s augmented reality features.

Google also announced that the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, which supports its voice assistant, is now available.

The watch is a successor to the very famous Lenovo Smart Clock, so that the current version fits almost anywhere in your home, thanks to its small size.

The company has provided the watch with a 4-inch (LED) screen that gives you what you need to know, such as the time, day of the week and weather.

The $ 49.99 watch – which is slightly cheaper than other voice-assisted watches – can broadcast playlists and podcasts, add items to shopping lists, make calls and control other compatible smart devices.

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