Samsung televisions include a smart coach feature

Samsung televisions include a smart coach feature

Used A new feature called Smart Trainer for TVs a company Samsung’s modern camera to help calculate every exercise and analyze how you look, is part of The Samsung Health app that was launched on the company’s TVs last year.

Samsung Health seamlessly turns the home into a personal gym, and the new Smart Trainer feature features real-time status tracking and analysis, just like a personal trainer.

During and after a workout, the Smart Trainer feature provides feedback on the form, helps you calculate number of exercises, and estimates calories burned.

And with video and interactive training via voice control that supports Bixby, the Smart Trainer feature makes your workout experience at home special.

Televisions do not include cameras, and you must attach your own sensor so the system can see and track you during the Interactive Fitness class.

Samsung says: The Smart Trainer displays an AI-powered trainer across the left screen, and a picture of yourself on the right, allowing you to check your posture, count the number of exercises, and receive real-time feedback about your performance, just as if you were in a personal training class.

She adds: An AI trainer remembers how you like to exercise, from exercise type to intensity, and gets feedback on calories burned and other metrics, so you can track your fitness.

And thanks to the new Auto Sync feature that connects select Samsung smart TVs, Galaxy phones and Galaxy watches, you can choose to workout on your phone and send it to the TV, while your watch automatically tracks your progress, without touching any button.

And since the feature relies on an external camera to assess your movement, its accuracy may be affected by the quality of the camera used.

Regardless of the devices, there is also the issue of compatible content, and Samsung said: The smart trainer feature works with about 24 exercise videos at its launch, from partners such as: Jillian Michaels, Obe Fitness and barre3.

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