Samsung sells Premiere laser projector

Samsung sells Premiere laser projector

had become The new laser display device From a company Samsung (Premiere 4K) in 4K, which the company designed as an alternative For the high-end QLED TVs that Samsung usually focuses on, it’s now available To order.

There are two models of the device:

  • (LSP7T), at $ 3,499, gives you a width of up to 120 inches.
  • (LSP9T) is priced at $ 6,499, which gives you a width of up to 130 inches.

And describe Samsung The Premiere 4K laser projector as It has a very short projection, which means you get huge projection sizes even when the unit is placed directly in front of a wall or screen.

It is noteworthy that the maximum display sizes are not the only thing that separates the two display devices.LSP9T) is brighter at 2,800 nits, compared to 2,200 lumens for the cheaper model.

This obviously means that a device (LSP9T) It provides a brighter picture, and it also means that its image should be clearer when there is more ambient light in the room.

The more expensive LSP9T also has a 40-watt 4.2-channel audio system compared to the LSP7T’s 30-watt 2.2-channel audio system.

The two models share In a lot of specifications, both are powered by Tizen operating system, like Samsung TVs, and both can be controlled via Alexa and Bixby.

Both are laser projectors, which means that light sources last longer than the lamps used in conventional projectors.

Samsung also announced (Premiere 4K) As the first display to support HDR10 +, although the format has not been widely adopted similarly to other HDR standards, such as Dolby Vision.

Samsung designed the projector with advanced features for a theater-like experience, as it supports Filmmaker Mode, which displays movies the way the director was supposed to watch.

Other features include screen mirroring or screen mirroring and Tap View, as well as built-in speakers and the same Acoustic Beam technology that Samsung offers in some of its amplifiers.

The device comes in a rectangular shape and is covered with fabric, which gives it a stylish look that matches with other (Lifestyle) range from Samsung, such as (The Terrace), (The Sero) and (The Frame).

The two forms are available to order through the Samsung website starting today, and the site indicates that shipment is expected by October 16th.

It is noteworthy that one of the most attractive aspects of the Premiere 4K device is its light and distinct design that blends with the current décor of the home, in addition to the short projection technology that enables you to place it inches away from the display surface.

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