Samsung responds to Apple with the Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung responds to Apple with the Galaxy Buds Pro

Announced a company Samsung announced its latest wireless headphones, Galaxy Buds Pro, which features an in-ear design similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus design, but is aesthetically inspired by Galaxy Buds Live.

The headset is sold at $ 200, andIt features the same metallic shape and similar charging case.

According to Samsung, the revised design reduces the contact area between your ear and the headphones, which improves comfort and reduces any feeling of blockage.

The company also says: The headphones offer the best audio experience yet for any of the company’s earphones, thanks to a loudspeaker designed to produce low frequencies of 11 mm and a tweeter designed to produce high frequencies measuring 6.5 mm.

The active noise canceling feature is also improved, given that the earbuds create a complete seal around your ear.

Samsung has also improved the Ambient Sound Mode, which now allows you to amplify the ambient noise by up to 20 dB.

And Galaxy Buds Pro can detect when to start speaking, and it can automatically switch to ambient sound mode with music volume down when it does.

Samsung explained that the Galaxy Buds Pro offers the best performance of the microphone so far from the lineup of headphones, as it includes three built-in microphones and a voice capture unit to increase clarity through phone and video calls.

The company said in statement: An external microphone has a high SNR rating, which also cancels out background noise.

In addition, Samsung has integrated the new Wind Shield technology in the Galaxy Buds Pro.

And while the less prominent shape reduces the area of ​​contact with the wind, the specially designed chamber with interlocking filters prevents wind interference.

It seems that some Galaxy Buds Pro features compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro, as you can enjoy realistic and immersive sound when watching videos on a Samsung phone or tablet using 360 Audio that features Dolby Head Tracking, so this feature is a response to the spatial audio feature from the company. Camel

Galaxy Buds Pro expands your audio experience by connecting to other Galaxy devices, as it switches between Samsung mobile devices automatically.

And you can expect up to five hours of continuous playback with ANC noise canceling enabled (eight hours with off), and an additional 13 hours of listening time via the charging case (20 hours with ANC cancel).

Galaxy Buds Pro is rated IPX7 water resistanceThe headphones come in three colors – black, silver and purple – to match the new Galaxy S21 lineup.

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