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Samsung regains the top spot in smartphones from Apple

She said Canalys: market research firm a company Samsung snatched the crown from a company Apple as the world’s largest smartphone producer, accounting for a fifth of total global sales in the first quarter.

And the Chinese company Xiaomi recorded its best quarterly performance ever, as shipments increased by 62 percent to reach 49 million phones with a market share of 14 percent, ranking third after Samsung and Apple.

Overall, global sales jumped 27 percent to 347 million units in the first quarter, as the Chinese economy opened up after the epidemic, and the rapid introduction of the vaccine in the United States raised hopes for an economic recovery.

Canalys said: South Korea’s Samsung shipped 76.5 million smartphones in this quarter, to take 22 percent of the market.

And theThe company announced today, Thursday, a 66 percent increase in quarterly profits In its mobile business, thanks to strong sales of the Galaxy S21 flagship smartphone series.

Canalis explained that Apple shipped 52.4 million iPhones from January to March, dropping to second place with a 15 percent market share, after dazzling Chinese shoppers in the December quarter with the new iPhone 12 equipped with 5G technology.

People who upgrade to the new iPhone are still pushing sales, and Apple said total sales in China have nearly doubled.

Last year, people were shopping online for phones and gadgets because they stayed home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which led to a global shortage of semiconductor chips, causing concern to industries including cars.

“The provision of vital components, such as chips, is rapidly becoming a major concern, and will hamper smartphone shipments in the coming quarters,” said Canales.

Apple said the chip shortage could cost it $ 4 billion in revenue in the April-June quarter, affecting mainly iPads and MacBooks.

Smartphone shipments rose for the March quarter to the Chinese brands OPPO and Vivo as well, while Huawei ranked first The Chinese, which was once the largest smartphone maker in the world, is ranked seventh with 18.6 million units after selling its Honer brand last year.

Huawei’s shipments to retailers and other sellers within China also halved in the first quarter, as US sanctions on its supply chain curtailed expansion even as overall sales declined, despite the smartphone market booming.

The company shipped a total of 14.9 million phones within China in the quarter ending in March, down from 30.1 million in the same period last year.

Its market share fell to 16 percent from 41 percent a year ago, to become the third largest after the Chinese brands Vivo and Oppo.

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