Samsung mocks Apple’s removal of its iPhone charger

Samsung mocks Apple’s removal of its iPhone charger

Samsung has turned to social media platforms for mockery a company Apple regarding its recent decision to remove chargers from iPhone 12 cases.

Apple announced the move at its flagship event on October 13, making it part of the company’s environmental initiative.

In addition to the (iPhone 12) and (iPhone 12 Pro) units, shipments of other iPhone models currently sold by Apple will also lack a charger.

Some might be frustrated by Apple removing the charger, but most people have a lot of chargers from the iPhone manufacturer’s perspective.

There are also major environmental benefits, in their view, equivalent to removing 450,000 cars from the road each year by making this change (2 million metric tons of carbon).

Last year, it emerged that Samsung had put an end to its marketing approach of mocking Apple because of the differences between the iPhone and the Galaxy smartphones.

And it seemed to be short-lived, as Samsung – as it has done many times in the past – mocked Apple’s new decision by Post Via the Facebook platform.

And announces the blog containing the image of the Galaxy Charger (Galaxy) that the simple charging accessory comes with the Galaxy device.

And it says in the post: The Galaxy device gives you what you are looking for; Such as the charger, the camera, the battery, the performance, the memory, as well as the 120 Hz screen via the smartphone.

Samsung has a long history of mocking Apple for the moves it made in the end.

And the Galaxy phone manufacturer mocked Apple’s decision to remove the headphone port, before it followed in its footsteps, removing the sarcastic ads.

Some of the notable attacking announcements from Samsung were related to the notch that Apple had designed for the iPhone X.

There are some rumors that the South Korean company is planning to remove chargers from some Galaxy devices starting in 2021, according to a report issued by the Korean news site (ETNews). Earlier in July.

The report says: The company is considering removing the charger; Because many people have chargers, to help reduce costs.

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